Stone’s got stones

You can tell by the name he chose for his newly formed political action committee:  RAPE-PAC.  Subtle, Roger Stone is not.

Back in October I had a piece in American Thinker calling for and predicting the formation of such a PAC, to begin operations in March.  Roger was way ahead of me.  Right about then he came out with his latest book, The Clintons’ War on Women.  (The reviews on Amazon are good, by the way.  It would be a nice graduation present.)  He’s been planning this project for years.

I’m proud of the fact that I was knocking on doors for Goldwater when I was eighteen.  Stone did too, but he was only twelve. This guy’s hard core, and a true pro.  There’s a good chance you’ll get more bang for your buck by a contribution to RAPE PAC than in any other way.

Hillary is such an awful candidate, in such a bad year for the Democrats, that I think any Republican but Bush or Trump can beat her easily.  So why take her down in the primary?  Why not save her destruction for the general?  Because she and her criminal husband must be ejected in a kind of national vomit.  Or, if that’s too graphic, it’s like cutting an ugly tumor from the body politic.  They have soiled this country, and we need a cleansing.  I was rooting for Obama to beat her eight years ago, and I’m rooting for Bernie now.  Not because I think they’d be a better President than she’d be.  But because she and Bill are truly awful people who disgraced the White House and must never set foot in it again.

In Roger Stone I’ve finally met a man who feels the same way I do.  On my talk show in Alaska I used to complain about opinion surveys asking if you approved or disapproved of President Clinton.  I said they needed a third response:  despise.

Because nothing is certain, anything’s possible (or is it the other way around?) in New Hampshire tomorrow.  But I still think it’s going to get down to Trump and the two Cubans.  I was wondering at the improbability of that, and it made me think of my old  buddy Frank Bickford, who I met when we were working on Murkowski for Senate in 1980.  When I got elected to the State Senate in ’82 he came down to Juneau with me.

Frank’s a Cuban-American, and he said that was why he was a Republican.  He went to college in New York, and he couldn’t believe how ignorant people were about communism and Castro.  Refugees from Communist countries were always violently anti-communist and pro-American.  With the Cubans, it was taken to an extreme, and Rubio and Cruz, just like my old friend Frank, are among the most passionately patriotic people you’ll ever meet.

That’s why it’s not really such a coincidence that one of them will be our next President.



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