Trump’s a pansy

Last Friday Trump canceled a rally because of a little snow, which might have forced him to overnight in a Holiday Inn.  Little Richie Rich of Manhattan doesn’t have to put up with that, so see you later, suckers.

Trump has one superfan in talk radio, the Proctologist’s Dream, Michael Savage.  Savage absolutely loves this guy, everything about him.  At the end of the show yesterday he tells Donald not to back off, keep kicking ass and taking names like the Alpha Male you are.  A couple hours later Trump, just showing off, really, calls Cruz a pussy.  Michael Savage has at last found a candidate who listens to him.  He must be very proud.

I’m reconciled to Trump getting his 25-30%.  He really could shoot someone and keep his fans.  And that’s what they are, really like sports fans or movie star fans.  And we may see this repeated all the way through Super Tuesday.  But the ceiling he’s established for himself isn’t much bigger than that, and he keeps reinforcing it.  He won’t be able to break through it, and a candidate representing a 30% rump of the Republican Party is not going to win the nomination.  IMHO big money is being gathered to start pounding him, and blood will be drawn.  He’s not going to like it.

I love what’s going on with the D’s.  It’s absolutely hysterical.  The Clintons aren’t just corrupt, they’re Arkansas corrupt, and have been for 30 years.  It’s always been as plain as day to anyone who looked.  But the Queen and her Hive have always protected them, and most Americans haven’t really known how bad these people are.  Now, finally, at long last, people are waking up.  The Clinton Foundation was a money laundering scheme disguised as a charity.  I mean, how obvious does it have to be.  Older Democrats, especially women, cover their eyes because they don’t want to see.  But the younger they are, the more they look at the Clintons with fresh eyes, and they are disgusted.  These younger Sanders voters, convinced of her corruption, will not vote for her in the general.  They’re idealistic, and they just won’t vote.  They hate big money in politics, and she epitomizes it.

I think Trump’s a pussy, as a matter of fact.  He’s the exact polar opposite of the most bad ass guy I’ve ever known, my Uncle Fritz.  As a sergeant in the 505th Parachute Infantry Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne, he jumped behind enemy lines before the D-day invasion with twenty pounds of high explosives strapped to each leg.  Uncle Fritz didn’t like guys like Trump.  He told me about being in a bar in Fairbanks after the war when some big tough acting bouncer started giving an old timer a hard time.  To Uncle Fritz, old timers were 98’ers who stayed when the rush was over.  He really liked these old guys.  So he walks behind the bouncer, grabs him by the shoulders and rams his knee in his back, then picks him up and throws him out the front door.

I went to Alaska to meet my Uncle Fritz, and I’m glad I did.

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