Hillary’s not the problem

My article “Five Seats at the Final Table” is up at AT.  Looking at the comments, I’m led to believe that resistance to Trump is gathering steam.  People are starting to take him seriously, and are getting annoyed at the juvenile antics of the cultists.  People like me, who’ve been waiting for the second installment of the Reagan revolution for 30 years, are not going to allow this hijacking of our movement to take place.  Populism unmoored from the Constitution is a threat to traditional American liberty.  The campaigns of his rivals aren’t going to take him down.  Outfits like Our Principles Pac are set up to do the job.  We all need to pitch in.

Hillary is hillarious.  She’s blaming her staff for her troubles.  Everyone agrees her messaging is off.  But no one has any idea what the message should be.  The logical extension of Obamaism is socialism.  That’s where the Democrats have been heading since FDR.  The Clintons believe in socialist-lite, for prudential reasons.  But passion beats prudence, and incrementalism is for weaklings.

It’s not that Hillary doesn’t have a message.  It’s the non-socialist Democratic Party that lacks a story.  What will Joe Biden’s message be if he gets in?  Stay the course?

This is all part of the historic opportunity that 2016 presents.  We can’t blow this one.

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