The trouble with Wyoming

We successfully passed the 2/3 threshold for further consideration in the Wyoming House, and are now before the Revenue and Taxation Committee.  We may have a problem there because of sabotage from Nick Dranias, the prime advocate of using the State Compact method of achieving an Article V BBA.  Dranias failed to get a hearing in the Wyoming Senate last year, and he knows that if the Task Force succeeds in making Wyoming its 28th state, his entire project is doomed.  He’s fighting for his own personal survival.

A few years ago, when it appeared the normal Article V process wouldn’t work for achieving a Balanced Budget Amendment because of fears of a runaway convention, Dranias and other think tank deep thinkers came up with the idea of having 38 states agree in advance on the actual language of the Amendment, and enter into a compact that would result in an Amendment Convention that would rubber stamp what had already been agreed upon.  This requires extremely complicated legislation, which many state legislators refuse to take seriously.  It contorts the simple concept of a BBA and pretzels it into something so convoluted it’s ridiculous.  For this, and many other reasons, Dranias has only four of the 38 states he needs, despite years of time and a lot of money.  I suspect Dranias will prove to be no more than a speed bump in Wyoming, but this sort of thing can no longer be tolerated.  If he keeps this up he needs to be drummed out of the conservative movement.

We hear he’s telling Wyoming legislators that many of our Resolutions are invalid, and that we have far less than the 27 we claim.  Apparently he got some backwoods lawyer somewhere to look at them, and that’s his opinion.  It is decidedly not the opinion of Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, or Senator Mike Enzi, Chairman of the Senate  Budget Committee, or Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute, the foremost legal scholar on Article V in the country.  I could go on.  It’s total B.S., Dranias knows it, and we’re all very disappointed in him.

On a lighter note, Greg Casey of BiPac is as good as his word.  Back in December he shook my hand at Lew Uhler’s reception, and promised me he would take care of the Idaho Senate.  And that’s apparently exactly what he’s done.  It’s nice to have a guy who does what he says he’s going to do.  Life would be a lot simpler if there were more of them.  Rep. Christy Perry is in the process of whipping the House, and when she gets the votes the bill will be introduced, passed, and sent to the Senate.  There’s always one key guy in every state. In Idaho it’s Greg Casey.

Fruth’s in Oklahoma, having given an address to a group of House members.  Bill takes the whole idea of above and beyond the call of duty to a new level.  Senate President Bingman assures us we have the votes in the Senate.  Our sponsor, House Majority Whip Gary Banz has laid it all on the line.  He’s term limited out, and he’s been working on the BBA for years.  This is one he really wants.  His new helper is Kylee Williamson, Chair of the University of Oklahoma Young Republicans.  Working with Rep. John Michael Momtgomery, she’s doing absolutely everything possible lobbying for us.  A gem.

I’ve been thinking about New Hampshire.  I can no longer deny that Trump has a chance, however small.  But it can easily be prevented, and it will.  My confidence is undiminished that it’s one of the Cubans, though I give Cruz a big edge.  I submitted my cogitations to American Thinker and they should be up tomorrow.

Thomas Lifson started AT around ten years ago, and it’s a great success.  Since I consider myself an AT regular now, I was pleased to see a Rubio TV ad which featured a quotation from an AT article, with American Thinker being given attribution.  Go team AT!

Chris Christie’s moment in the sun is gone.  It lasted 72 hours.  For that three day period, people seriously considered him a possibility as President.  It’s not much, but it’s more than most ever get.  Next time he sees Obama he’ll get a nice big hug of condolence.

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