Rep. Bunky Loucks (R, Casper)

Unless we get Loucks’ vote in the Wyoming House Revenue Committee we’re probably dead this session.  We’d have to convince Gov. Mead to call a special session, or have the legislature call itself back.  Difficult.

He gave us a vote to get out of committee last year, but voted against us on the floor.  Bill and I both testified in front of him last year, and he asked us why couldn’t we get Congress to propose a BBA. I recounted the thirty-five year history of attempting to get one through Congress, beginning with Reagan, and including periods when we had the House, the Senate, and both the House and Senate.  I told him we’d been trying for 35 years.  What I should have said, and didn’t, is that if we sit around and wait for Congress to fix our problems we’ll go bankrupt within the decade.  Congress is the problem, for Pete’s sake.

I just found out the hearing has been postponed until Monday, so I will be able to make it.  Fruth called this morning and asked me to appear at an 8:00 a.m. hearing in Cheyenne tomorrow morning.  All the flights were booked, so I wasn’t going to make it.  But NFIB’s Tony Gagliardi was able to secure a continuance.  His wife needed him tomorrow, and the Chairman extended him a professional courtesy.  Having lobbyists is good.

So it’s back into the world of the Wyoming legislature.  Good people.  Like last year’s sponsor, Tyler Lindholm of Sundance.  He’s lineman and a small rancher with a growing young family.  About 6′ 8″, 190 lbs.  First time I met him he was wearing a big white cowboy hat.  We got along just fine.  So it’s off to Cheyenne on Sunday. It gets cold in Wyoming in the winter.  But not like Alaska.

I’ve been thinking about Bernie Sanders and Barry Goldwater.  When I hear Bernie talk about starting a political revolution it’s sort of like what we did with Goldwater in ’64.  We took over a party.  We didn’t win the election.  In fact, most of us knew damn well we weren’t going to win the election, just like the Democrats are not going to win this one, no matter who they nominate.  The point was to take over the party.  We did that, and Ted Cruz is doing that today, though, of course, he’s also going to win the election.  So all this talk about electability should fall on deaf ears. Those Sanders kids are not going to be denied.  When they were at the victory party in Des Moines, and Hillary came on to ball room TV, they all spontaneously broke into a chant, “She’s a liar!”  You think Hilary is going to turn those kids around?

The point is that Bernie may very well win the nomination, and if he does he’ll run like Goldwater ran, not so much to win as to set forth a set of political principles on which he stood.  The stars are aligning, I’m telling you.

I’ll never forget Everett Dirksen’s nomination speech in the Cow Palace.  I snuck in somehow.  “The Peddler’s Grandson” is what he called it, talking about Barry’s grandfather, an immigrant Jew, who peddled goods to the Indians across Arizona.  It was a great speech, delivered by a great man.

One of Everett’s sayings was, “I am a man of principle, and one of my principles is compromise.”

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