Call off the Labrador

Rep.Raul Labrador is one of the leaders of the hard core House Freedom Caucus, and he’s apparently causing us trouble in Boise.  Typical runaway nonsense.  Labrador was supporting Paul, and I have little doubt that he’s now on the Cruz team.  We need to tell Rep. Labrador that Rand Paul testified before the Kentucky Senate in favor of our bill, and that Ted Cruz not only supports us but signed a pledge to do so.  What does Labrador understand about the Constitution that Cruz and Paul don’t?  We’ll have a cc on Idaho with legislative leadership tomorrow.

We got out of committee, 8-7, in the Virginia House, and are up for a floor vote Monday or Tuesday.  At the moment our whip count is a few votes short.  Delegate LeMunyon expects to get to the magic number of 51, but we’ll see.  We’re going to try to get Admiral Owen, former Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs, call some Virginia legislators to explain the necessity of a BBA to national security.

Kasich gave a speech to the Charleston, South Carolina Chamber, and told them to tell their state legislature to pass our bill.  John Kasich has certainly done his part.  We’ve got an event in the Capitol on the 24th, and Fruth will go and spend a couple days with John Steinberger trying to figure things out.  The South Carolina legislature is a bizarre institution.

The West Virginia legislature just overrode the Governor’s veto of their right to work law.  Actually, in West Virginia the Governor has only a symbolic veto, since one can  be overridden by a simple majority.  Senate President Bill Cole is leading a political and economic revolution.  He says if it comes to the Senate it will pass.  We’re up in a House subcommittee next week.

Sen Chris Kapenga in Wisconsin walked away from our bill in a dispute over the proper way to conduct the Amendment Convention.  So we’re out of luck this year.  If we can get a special session, the votes will be there.

I’ve been thinking about the politics of calling a special session.  Actually, from a Governor’s standpoint, they’re quite good.  This holds true for all of them in our target states.  They’re all Republicans , except Virginia, West Virginia and Montana.  So let’s say we’re three short.  In a joint announcement, Governors Walker, Ducey and Haley call their legislatures in to special session, all for the same purpose:  our bill.  They justify the expense by explaining the role of Article V in our federalist system, and the absolutely urgent need to put some restraints on Congress’s out of control spending.

Those are good politics.  Especially if it’s done in conjunction with the Republican Presidential nominee.  It’s good politics for him, too.

No, not good. Gold.

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