If Trump were a Christian

At this point in a campaign everybody has ideas for ads.  This is mine.

On the radio a woman a Christian woman says the following:  “I am a proud Christian woman, a wife and mother, and the fact that Donald Trump is obviously not a religious man doesn’t bother me.  What does is that he claims to be a practicing Christian.  He brags in his books about all the married women he’s slept with, and yet says that, even though he’s a  Christian, he’s never sought God’s forgiveness because he’s never done any thing wrong.  This means either he doesn’t feel adultery is wrong, or is not honest about his faith.  Either way, he’s not a man I could ever vote for.”

This was inspired by a focus group I saw on MSNBC’s “With All Due Respect”.  These were South Carolinians who were undecided, and they said they didn’t mind that Trump was not a man of faith, but they really wouldn’t like him lying about it.  When they were shown Trump dropping the “f” bomb last week in New Hampshire they were horrified.  It looks as though Trump has the solid support of around a third of the Republican electorate.  If these people can’t be pried from Trump, the goal has to be to stop him from growing.  His character flaws may be what do him in.

Babbie and I spent five days in Charleston last spring, and all the people, black and white, were polite and friendly.  They were all pretty much Christian, of course, but that didn’t come up.  I don’t think these people are going to like Donald Trump, once they get to know a little more about him.

Babbie, son Brendan and I saw “Hail Caesar” last night and I wrote a review for American Thinker, which may be up tomorrow.  My sons and I are fanatical Coen brothers fans, and we weren’t disappointed.  Classic Coen, and that’s saying something.

I just heard about Scalia.  This is terrible news, on a number of fronts.  We won’t win another high profile 5-4 decision until he’s replaced.  And if we don’t win, and Hillary gets to name the replacement, there goes all the Heller decision second amendment rights.  The stakes on this election just went up, and they were already sky high.  The fact that Trump has talked about putting his liberal sister on to the Court doesn’t sound so funny anymore.  A new line of attack on Trump just opened up.

Scalia was a great guy, and a damn good justice.  But what we really want is another Clarence Thomas, and I think Cruz should say so.

I’ve got to say I feel a little vindicated already.  Almost two and a half years ago, on this blog, I said 2016 was going to be wipeout of historic proportions.   I felt a turning of the tide in October of 2013, and ever since the tide has strengthened, to where it’s now  becoming obvious.  Back then I thought the tide would be so strong that it would take us to an Article V Convention.  That’s when I joined the Task Force.

And that tide is still running strong.

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