By the skin of our teeth

We got Bunky Loucks, but lost Rep. Mark Jennings, so I thought we were a vote short.  But then Rep. Sue Wilson, a Democrat, switched her vote to yes, followed by the only other Democrat on the Committee, Rep. JoAnn Dayton, so we got out on a 6-3 vote.

Wilson represents the district of our man in Wyoming, former Speaker Bill McIlvain, whom she’s known for years.  I think she switched as a favor to him, but it could be that her district is fairly conservative (as almost all Wyoming districts are) and she decided this was something she liked, and her voters wanted.  We’ll never know.  There are Democrats in Wyoming that are different than the kind we have in California.  They’re sensible people.  We need to bear this in mind going forward.

We lost Jennings because, he said, of integrity.  The Wyoming Senate’s integrity.  He voted for a clean bill last year, the Senate cocked it up, and sent it back to the House on a take it or leave it basis.  How voting against our bill punishes the Senate I haven’t figured out.  Last year Jennings told me in private that he was worried that moderates might take over an Amendment Convention.  The threat of moderation is taken very seriously in Sheridan, Wyoming, apparently.

There was a lot of organized opposition in Wyoming, though no one testified against it.  The Birchers and possibly the Eagle Forum have been busy.  Rep. Roy Edwards said he was a no because of what he’s heard from his constituents.  Period.

Loucks went with us partly because he respects the people he knows in the Utah legislature, who he thinks are more qualified in this kind of subject than he is.  I’m thinking he’s LDS, and that’s why he has faith in his colleagues in Utah.

Rep. Jim Blackburn was a close call.  Later in the House lounge he told me about a very good friend of his, that he and his wife dine with weekly.  They talk a lot about the Constitution.  His friend told him if he voted against our bill they’d never break bread again.

If more people were even aware of Article V we’d get a lot more help like that.

After Iowa, Trump knows he could lose South Carolina, and if he does I think he’s out of the Republican Party.  He’s getting very tired of spending his own money.  And a loss of a twenty point lead would be devastating.  So he continues to bitch about being cheated in Iowa.  It gives him the excuse to quit.  He didn’t lose, because he’s not a loser.  He was cheated by a bunch of politicians, the most dishonest people he’s ever known.  The RNC has been out to get him all along.  So he throws in his hand and goes on a speaking tour, where he’ll ask “his people” if he should go third party.  They’ll all say yes, and then he retreats to his Tower to ponder.  This can keep him in the headlines for another month or two.  In the end, he decides against it.  He’s moved the Party far enough on immigration that he can declare victory.  But that’s only if he loses.

Ain’t politics fun?

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