Can I be a witness?

In Cheyenne after a bitch of a day. We’re up in House Revenue at 7:30.  Short night, long day.  The spirit is still willing, but the flesh weakens.

My review of “Hail Caesar” is up at AT.

Nothing persuades a cultist.   God only knows what kind of Justice Trump would appoint, but it doesn’t matter.  With Trump’s people nothing  matters.  He’s their guy.  Except, in this case, the NRA has a powerful message to those who aren’t full bore cultists.  The Heller decision was the best thing the NRA has seen since, well, forever.  It cannot be jeapordized by a careless pick for the Court.  A lot of Trump people are hard core on the Second Amendment.  Maybe the NRA can get through to these people.  It’s sure as hell not part of the establishment.

Senate President Phil Nicholas is the key to Wyoming.  I’m going to camp out in his office tomorrow until he sees me.

I’m  more convinced than ever 2016 is a blowout year for Republicans, which means if we don’t get to 34 this year it will happen in 2017. But if we get there this year, in my not so humble opinion, it will be an issue in the fall campaign.  Every Republican candidate needs to understand that.  It makes so much sense, politically, that we’ll start getting help from these guys.  They’re all tied up in their nomination fight, but when a winner emerges, it will be very much in his interest that we succeed.

If we get over the top this year, it’s going to be because we finally got some help.

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