The best things in life are free

But you can give then to the birds and bees.

Looking at the millions of dollars thrown away on Jeb’s super-pac, and the countless wasted small donations to kindly Dr. Carson, and the cascade of spending by Americans for Prosperity, and on, and on, it’s very frustrating to be operating this campaign for an Article V BBA on a shoestring.  We have yet to get any serious money, and if we succeed we will have achieved an historic victory.  Biddulph and others on the Task Force have beat their heads against the wall trying to get funding, with little to show for it.

Son and RP Co-founder Brendan has been on the phone trying to solicit small donations, and he may be getting a little traction.  If you’re on this website after talking to Brendan, welcome.  Any bit of help we get will be greatly appreciated.

I put in an article to AT on the Supreme Court vacancy, and it should be up tomorrow.

I always knew this election would be a turning point in American history.  I didn’t think they came much bigger.  The death of a great man, Antonin Scalia, has made it, without any question, an election that will determine if we have a future as a constitutional republic.

Everybody who loves their country needs to get in the game.


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