When it’s springtime in Alaska, it’s 40 below

Up to now, the best thing I ever did in politics was work for Reagan, in ’76 and ’80.  I was a sergeant in the Reagan Revolution.  What’s going on with Cruz is even better.

I’ll be doing an article on Cruz called, A Man and a Moment.  The moment was October of 2013.  I’ve written any number of times about the political significance of the Obamacare website fiasco.  It was a tipping point, and, partly by happenstance, Ted Cruz was in a position to take maximum advantage.  Because he’s smart and fearless, that’s exactly what he did.  And he kept it up, because he’s tenacious.  Today he is reaping his reward.

I’ll be chipping in on the Alaska caucuses.  With his stance on federal lands transfers, it should be a slam dunk for Cruz.  Properly exploited, it should also win Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.  It will be a major help in Montana, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, and a big plus in the eastern parts of Washington, Oregon and California.  It’s just a great issue, politically. And on the merits, it’s even better.

Babbie and I made a lot of money in Alaska, enough for us to move back to California fifteen years ago.  I feel like I owe Alaska.  If Cruz is elected, and manages to get all that federal land into the hands of the people of Alaska, I will have discharged my obligation.

Uncle Fritz would be proud of me.


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