You’re doing fine, Oklahoma

Unless a state senate seat opens up, Gary Banz is in his last year as a legislator.  Term limits.  But he’s set to go out with a bang.  After years of trying, it looks as though all the ducks are in a row.  In Oklahoma, unlike some other states, our forces, led by Gary, have been able to work cooperatively with the Convention of States (CoS) advocates.  For us, this is especially important in Oklahoma, since retired Sen. Tom Coburn is a major force, and he’s all in on CoS.  The Resolution which is set to pass is a dual one, and will count as a state for both teams.  We’ve been stuck on 27 since South Dakota last year.  28 just sounds better than 27.   It could happen in a couple weeks.  Barring a last minute problem.

Our man Rep. Bob Thorpe lost a floor vote, but reconsidered and will get another shot next week.  He’s pretty confident he’ll get the votes.  Then on to the Senate and certain death at the hand of Andy Biggs.   But winning the House is important.  Once we’re at 32 or 33, we will be calling upon Gov. Ducey to call a special session.  It’s much easier for him to do that, politically, if the House is once again on record in favor of the bill.  Admiral Bill Owens is close to Ducey, and will make the request when and if the time comes.

South Carolina Senate President Hugh Leatherman has shut down the legislature until he gets a gas tax.  Somebody ought to do a documentary about this guy.  He’s ruled the Senate like a king for God knows how long now.  They don’t adjourn until June, so we’ll be observers for a while, just like everybody else.  The State Treasurer is a friend of our man John Steinberger, and a big fan of Article V.  He’s our ticket to Gov. Haley.  Like Arizona, South Carolina may require a special session.

Wyoming Rep. Dan Laursen says we should be OK on second and third readings.  Apparently we’ve been generating a bunch of emails, and some of the members are sick of it.  Final floor vote Monday.  Son Brendan will be trying to generate calls to Nicholas’ office from his district.  He’ll be working off a list of pre-identified BBA supporters.  I’m working various angles.  I’m hoping Jim Magagna, executive VP of the Wyoming Stock Grower’s Association will be able to help.  McIlvain introduced me to him.  Really good guy.

Fruth will be in  Richmond Monday and Tuesday, trying to turn seven state senators. Biddulph calls him “The Closer” for his ability to make the sale.  If he pulls this off we’ll have to come up with another name.  Like Killer Bill.

I finally heard back from Semprevivo.  He emailed me a link describing a new TV ad that’s up for Cruz in Nevada.  All about getting the land of Nevada back to the people of Nevada.  He’ll work night and day for it.  Just what I was pitching in Wyoming.  This will be very helpful in getting to Nicholas.  Thank you, Joseph.  The same ad will play well all across the West.  This is going to work for Cruz, because when he says he’s going to do this, you believe him, because it’s a natural result of his view of the Constitution.  Federalism, baby.

Alaska has it’s caucuses and straw poll on Super Tuesday.  I talked to the chair of Cruz’s campaign in Alaska, Judy Eledge.  The other co-chair, Bill Keller is on a plane to Hawaii.  The Cruz campaign is sending someone up after Nevada.  This is a state Cruz should win easily, especially now that he’s come out with that Nevada ad.  In Alaska, that ad is gold.  I offered to help, and we’ll see.

I came up with the straw poll in ’96.  It gave Pat Buchanan an early pop.One of these days I’m going to run into Pat Buchanan, and he’s going to buy me a beer.

I felt good when In saw that ad Semprevivo emailed me.  Real good.

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