How the West was won

I’m spreading the news.  Tomorrow I’ll be reaching out to Alaska Sen. Mike Dunleavy, Washington Senate President Pam Roach, Idaho Speaker Scott Bedke, Montana Sen. Roger Webb, Oregon Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli, Wyoming Senator Larry Hicks, Utah Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, Colorado Senate Majority Whip Kevin Lundberg, Arizona Rep. Bob Thorpe, and New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell.  With a couple exceptions, these are people I’ve had extensive conversations with concerning the transfer of federal lands.  Under a supply side BBA interpretation, such a transfer could be included as part of a Balanced Budget Amendment, since it reduces spending and increases revenue.

Getting the eastern states to go along with this at the Amendment Convention might be  a challenge, but I think I see a way to 26.  If Cruz gets elected, it might not be necessary.  That’s the word I’ll be spreading tomorrow.  I’m supporting Cruz, and I look forward to the reaction I’m going to get.  I’m not sure Ted Cruz realizes how smart this is.  He’s as quick as they come, but nobody knows everything.  This is an issue that will catch fire.

People that don’t live in the Far West don’t understand us.  It’s boundaries are best described by Colin Woodard in American Nations.  This part of the country starts at the Canadian border in the middle of North Dakota, then south to western Kansas, then west to central Colorado, then straight south to the Mexican border.  The western border of the Far West is anywhere from 50 to 100 miles inland from the Pacific.  Alaska is also part of the Far West.  Where I live, in the California foothills of the Sierras, is part of the Far West.

We’re different than the rest of the country. My father was born in a sod house on the Frying Pan Ranch, on the White River near the Badlands of South Dakota.  As soon as I could I got the hell out of California and went to Alaska.  This is my part of the country.  For the past fifteen years I’ve wandered all over it.  If there’s any thing to see out here that I haven’t, I’m not aware of it.

This is what you’ve got to understand about us.  We all hate the federal government.  We don’t dislike it.  We don’t distrust it.  We hate it.

When I got to Alaska my Uncle Fritz was selling gold claims.  His claims were mainly on BLM land.  The thing is, to have a claim, all you need is a “discovery” and you’ve got a right to occupy, and develop your claim, by, like, putting up a cabin.  A discovery was a trace of gold.  Uncle Fritz could find gold anywhere.  He was amazing.

He’d sell these claims he’d staked to people that wanted to get in the recreational mining business.  Of course, when he made the sale, he’d always talk about the ground being rich.  Uncle Fritz was a very large, intimidating man, with a 53″ chest and an attitude.  It amazing to see him get money out of people.

Well, the damn BLM was always giving Uncle Fritz problems.  Paperwork and such.  It used to really piss Uncle Fritz off.

So when I say Uncle Fritz would be proud of me, you know what I’m saying.


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