Duty before fun

I was going to drive over to Reno today to see Cruz at a rally, but the guy I want to see, Joseph Semprevivo, is staying back east, working on the SEC, so I bailed.  Joseph’s got me working my butt off, trying to line up legislative endorsements from around the country by this weekend.  Had some luck.  I don’t mind doing this.  Joseph got us the Cruz BBA pledge, so we owe him.  Plus, I’m for Cruz.

I’ll be on Mike Porcaro’s talk show on KENI Wednesday afternoon at 4;30, Alaska time.  Drive time.  Perfect.  I’ve got some pretty good lines for him.  Like, why would you vote for Trump?  What’s he going to do for us?  Is he going to fight to give us our land?  Hell no.  He doesn’t believe in that, and he’s said so.  I’ve got more.

God bless Bill McIlvain.  He’s not going to ask me to fly back to Cheyenne to testify before the Senate.  It wouldn’t do any good.  These guys aren’t going to be swayed by testimony from me.  The fact is, I’m not a good lobbyist.  I look upon these guys as my peers, and junior ones at that.  Not a good attitude, but it comes out.

Blogging may be light this week.  I’m really going to concentrate on the Alaska caucuses.  I caught a few minutes of With All Due Respect on MSNBC.  These wizards are saying that if Trump wins Nevada he’ll win everywhere.  I don’t know about Nevada, but I will flat out guarantee you this.  Cruz wins Alaska in an absolute blowout.  Trump may come in third.  I’ve been wanting to take this guy on, and we’re on my turf.  This is the kind of politics I’ve always taken the most pleasure in.  Taking a big loud mouthed guy like Trump and putting him down. He won’t know what hit him.

Maybe the nastiest thing I ever did was to Bill Sheffield.  He’s running against Fink in ’82, and he’s out whipping up anti-Anchorage sentiment around the state.  He’as running an ad called Rhode Island Red, a map of Alaska, with Anchorage represented as a tiny dot, and yet putting it to the rest of the state.  At the Anchorage Chamber debate I asked the first question from the audience.  “Mr. Sheffield how does that ad you’re running everywhere but Anchorage, Rhode Island Red, how does that fit in with your strategy of bringing Alaskans together?”

Bill stumbled and stuttered so bad the audience started laughing out loud.  He had a fairly serious speech impediment, and it was kind of ugly.

He got elected Governor, and I got elected to the State Senate.  He moved heaven and earth, got the Supreme Court to reopen a  reapportionment lawsuit, and then got the Court to allow him to redistrict the legislature all over again, from scratch.  You can guess what happened to my Senate district.

The Lord punished me for taking too much pleasure in punishing my opponents, and the judgement of the Lord is righteous.

There are a couple other talk shows I’m going to get on in Anchorage, Joe Miller and Glenn Biegel.  (Yeah, the Joe Miller who beat Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary in 2010.) Glenn says he was one of my biggest fans back in the day.  I’ve never talked to Joe.  He came up after my time.  I’m looking forward to talking to him.  Joe and I are going to get along just fine.

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