You only see what they show you

The media bias against Cruz is a sight to see.  Last night at a rally Trump did  two things that were interesting.  The first, a threat to punch somebody in the face, dominated the news.  The second, the confession of ignorance by Trump about federal land transfers, was ignored.

The Cruz ad on this issue clearly got under his skin.  He was wild, crazy, calling Cruz the worst liar he’s ever known.  And then he says, with reference to public lands, that it’s something he doesn’t know anything about.  He knows the statements he made to Field and Stream on land transfers were a mistake, politically.  But he can’t take them back, or admit they were a mistake.  So he pleads ignorance.  That’s his excuse.

This is news, serious news.  Public lands issues are a very big deal in Nevada.  When 85% of your state is under the control of an absentee pack of environmental activists in D.C. it gets your attention.  It’s not just the ranchers like Clive Bundy.  It’s snowmobilers, and four wheelers, and dirt bikers, and hunters, and every other kind of manly activity that the guys of Nevada like to do.  It’s the same thing in Alaska.  You come to hate the federal government.  And Trump acknowledges he knows nothing about any of this.  In Nevada, for Trump, if it’s not air conditioned, he knows nothing.

Exposure of all this would hurt Trump, but it’s not newsworthy because it would help Cruz.  I hope Rush or Levin picked up on this.

All the weisskopfs say Trump wins Nevada big.  I’m very glad to hear that.  That’s the expectation, a big Trump win, and much speculation about what second and third will mean, and for who.

I think if Cruz pulls in the vast majority of votes in non-Vegas Nevada he should take heart.  Losing Vegas is not that big a deal.  Vegas is a very weird town, politically, unlike any other in the country.  Politically, it’s an outlier.  The rest of Nevada is like the rest of the Far West  — Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, western Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and the eastern California, Oregon and Washington.  In every one of these states or regions the message that Cruz took to Nevada works like a charm.  And its repetition will make it stronger.  He’ll carry the same message on March 7th to the Idaho panhandle, the most militantly conservative place in the country.  There’s a reason these guys are so pissed off.  They have to put up with a bunch of panty waists in D.C. who control their land.

These guys are like my son Darren in Montana.  He sent me a T shirt, which I wear once in a while.  It’s got the emblem of the Forest Service on it, except it reads, “Forest Circus.  Department of Uselessness.”

Now maybe you understand what I’m talking about.


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