Sunrise over Half Dome

I was driving into the Yosemite Valley this morning at dawn.  It’s about 40 mile SE of where I live, as the crow flies.  It’s a national treasure, and should never change its current protected status.  But the Valley is a very small part of the 750,000 acre Yosemite National Park.

The Park Service is not a good steward of this land.  It’s mismanaged because  of environmental politics.  Perhaps the State of California wouldn’t do any better, but it couldn’t do worse.

As I was driving out, with El Capitan gleaming in the morning sun, I thought leave the valley alone.  But some day the people of California should have control of the land surrounding it.  They can be trusted with this land.  They live and play here.  Let them manage it.

Or does Washington always know best?

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