The Day of Decision

I’m working with the Cruz guy for Alaska.  Al he needs to do is 1) go to Juneau to meet and listen to the legislative leadership 2)  make sure every Cruz caucus goer gets a copy of the articles I posted earlier on Trump and transfers of federal lands.  I’m trying to talk them into a radio buy.   That would be icing on the cake.  Cruz will crush the field in Alaska regardless, but the ads would create a giant margin of victory which would bring attention to the result by the national  media.  This would help Cruz in the rest of the Far West.

The threat from Trump was not that he’d win the nomination.  It was a third party run which could have cost us the White House.  So all the kid glove treatment was understandable.  The Donald would stay in the party as long as he was given proper respect.

I think the threat of a real Trump third party candidacy was always overblown, but I shared the sentiment.  You can’t predict this guy, and it would have been catastrophic.

That threat is effectively gone.  We’re almost into March, and the later it gets the harder it gets.  Ross Perot created the Reform Party in 1995.  It’s too late to do it in reality.  When he finally is exposed and rejected, he’ll talk about third party, but he won’t do it.  It can’t work and it’s expensive.  Having lost the nomination, he’d lose again, huge, in November.

So it’s time to take him out.  All four of the other candidates should start  hitting him.  And if he goes down they can all take turns kicking him.

I expect Cruz to lead the charge, and Rubio is a fool if he leaves all the fun to him.  He needs to join in, or risk being seen as lacking in courage.  All non-Trump Republicans are sick to death of watching Rubio and Cruz go at each other.

The man who gets credit for taking down the Donald will always hold a special place in the heart of every real Republican in the country.  If Cruz can pull it off he’s the nominee.

Bettors have Trump with a 72% chance of the nomination.  If I lived where gambling was legal I’d take some of that.

I think Cruz is smart enough to provoke Trump.  Watching his reaction will be priceless.  And it needs to be done over and over.  Every question Cruz gets he should turn into an attack on Trump.  Even if Trump keeps his cool the first or second time he gets hit, the punches need to keep on coming.  He could even exit the stage.

And if you get him down, kick him hard.



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