The story of Alaska’s Donald Trump

Let me tell you a story, which I believe has a bearing our situation with Trump.

After serving one term in the Alaska House in the early 80’s, John Lindauder moved to Chicago and married into a mob family.  In 1998 Democrat Tony Kowles was seeking reelection, and Lindauer returned to Alaska with a couple million to spend on seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  He was a little hazy on where this money came from, but assured everyone it was his own.  He was running against my best friend from the legislature, Sen. Robin Taylor of Wrangell, and a right wing conservative lawyer from Anchorage, Wayne Ross.  Neither Robin or Wayne had any money.

Robin and I knew Lindauer’s money was dirty.  That was obvious.  But neither of us had the resources to do the digging and prove it.  Alaska media, led by the left wing Anchorage Daily News, buried the story.  After Lindauer won the primary the ADN immediately revealed the truth.  It all came from his mobster family wife.  His campaign immediately collapsed, the Republican Central Committee met and condemned and rejected him and threw its support to a Taylor write in Campaign.  Knowles won in a landslide.  Robin’s write in campaign, with no money, came in second.

Lindauer plead no contest to campaign finance criminal charges, received a one year suspended sentence, two years of probation and paid a $15,000 fine.  In Alaska we have a phrase for this. It’s called giving a blue ticket.  When you received one of these in the old days you were expected to leave the state and never return.  Lindauer quickly left Alaska and was never seen again.

The amount of dirt the media have on Trump has got to be enormous, but we’ll only hear about it if Trump wins the nomination.  If he is the Republican candidate, he will be totally destroyed.   This is the kind of thing the Queen and her hive do very, very well.  Ask Richard Nixon.

I get physically ill when I think of President Hillary.  She would be a catastrophically bad President at a time when  our future as a constitutional republic is in danger.  The only way she wins is against Trump.

I still don’t think Trump gets it.  I think last night was just a start.  Rubio has stepped up, and Cruz needs to be working with him on this, as he did last night.  For if Rubio gets all the credit for taking down Trump he’s on a glide path to the nomination.  The Cubans were a tag team, and they need to keep it up.  Take out the blowhard and settle their fight later.  This is as obvious as the nose on your face, and they need to keep it up until they blow him out of the race.

The NRA needs to get in on this.  Trump’s buddy Christie is considered a gun grabber by these guys, and they really don’t like him.  Do they really think Trump would fight for the Second Amendment the way Cruz and Rubio would?    There are probably a lot of NRA members who are supporting Trump.  They need to be disabused of that position.

A lot of people need to step up.  This is serious business.  I was on the phone with a friend of mine in the New Mexico legislature, a good Christian conservative woman.  She was trying to decide between Trump and Rubio.  I was shocked, and we had a good conversation.  She agreed to talk to others in the legislature about signing letters of support for Cruz, and was reevaluating her own position.  I’m going to continue to do this.  Everybody can do something, even if it’s just explaining political reality to Trump voters.

On the Article V front, the dysfunctional South Carolina legislature has descended into utter chaos, and nothing may pass there this year.  Oklahoma still looks good for mid-March.  Gulddenshuh and Fruth are working West Virginia hard, and are optimistic.

The best news is from Arizona, where our nemesis, Senate President Andy Biggs, is running for Congress.  An open seat in a very conservative district.  The funny thing is, on everything but Article V, Biggs is a solid conservative.  Unless we complete a Hail Mary, we’re going to be at this next year.  If Biggs is gone our path will be clear in Arizona.  Politics is business.  You can’t allow your personal feelings to interfere with doing what’s right.

So, go Andy!

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