Moving on

I’m moving on from my work with the BBA Task Force, except to keep an eye on Idaho.  The best thing I can do is help Cruz.  If he wins we get our BBA Convention.  That’s my belief, and I’m acting on it.

One of our big problems in Idaho is Rep.Raul Labrador.  His district includes the Idaho Panhandle, and he’ll be with Cruz in Couer d’Alene on March 7th.  Between now and then I need to figure out how to get someone in the Cruz campaign to talk some sense into him.  Idaho adjourns on March 17th, so we’re cutting it close.

I’ve always had an inflated opinion about my persuasive abilities.  But I honestly think if I could get in a room with these two Cubans an understanding could be reached.  Cooperate on taking out Trump.  When that’s done, go at each other.  I was for Rubio before I was for Cruz. I can live with either one of them.

It would be the patriotic thing to do, and you can’t deny the patriotism of either of them.  They really need to think about this.  An understanding should be reached tomorrow.  Cruz announces he’s suspending his campaign in Florida. Rubio announces he’s suspending his campaign in Texas.  If they want to be creative they can say they’re doing this to protect the Heller decision, and the 2nd Amendment.  The kind of Supreme Court nominee that Attorney General designate Chris Christie would recommend should strike terror into the hearts of 2nd Amendment advocates across the country.   Just look at his record of judicial appointments in New Jersey.  And as far as Alaska is concerned, we really don’t like guys like Chris Christie.  He looks like a soft, fat blowhard.  He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t last in Alaska.

If Trump loses Texas and Florida he’s gone.

The more I think about it, the more I believe Trump is gone if he loses both of these states.  He’s my age, and I can assure you that what he’s doing is taking a physical toll on him.

I doubt he thought he’d get this far.  He’s burning through his own money, and it bothers him.  At that Vegas rally on Monday he called out to the owner of the casino in the audience.  He said the guy’d been begging him to take $5 million, but he’d turned him down  — until now.  Now he wants money, lots and lots of money.  He said “I want money, money, money!” or something like that.  Among other things, the man’s a vulgarian.  Naturally enough, his decision to start accepting million dollar donations went unreported.  It undercuts one of his main appeals.  Can’t talk about that. I’ve never seen the media behave so irresponsibly, and that’s saying something.  I really don’t like these people.

I’ve been working on Alaska for Cruz, and it brings back a lot of memories, starting with the day I arrived there in ’69.  I’d written Uncle Fritz, and asked him if it made sense for me to come to Alaska.  Nobody in the family thought he’d write me back, but he did.  He said we need all kinds of work done up here.  If I was a catskinner I’d be especially welcome.

I’d never seen a picture of him, so I didn’t know who to look for when I got off the plane.  It turned out to be pretty easy. Uncle Fritz and I resembled each other physically, from our facial features to our dark hair and hazel eyes.  He was about 5′ 9″, around 260 pounds, with quite a few teeth missing and long straggly grey hair. He took me back to his little apartment in Spenard and introduced me to his wife, my Aunt Helen Mary.  She was a wonderful woman, his first cousin from South Dakota.  She only agreed to marry him if he gave up drinking.  He did, and she saved his life.

I was in that apartment with Uncle Fritz and Aunt Helen Mary when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.  We watched it on their little black and white television.

I learned a lot more from my Uncle Fritz than I did at Berkeley.  He pretty much taught me how to be a man.  When I went to Alaska I was Fred Pettyjohn.  When I went back to California for law school I was Fritz.


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