“The Donald”, a Fox news Reality Show

Featuring Donald Trump, starring in his greatest hit.  Directed by Roger Ailes.  The financing for this production comes from the business empire of super mogul Rupert Murdoch, one the most ruthless businessmen in the world.  A man Trump would be comfortable doing a deal with.  Each episode of “The Donald”, as in all such reality shows, centers around a theme, an event, or a statement.  Whatever vehicle is chosen, Ailes who is also in charge of the promotional program,  makes sure it is the dominant news of the day.  Each theme must be fresh, and more exciting than the one before.  Sometimes the story is invented on the fly.  Trump and Ailes don’t have to communicate.  They both know what they’re doing.

Tonight “The Donald” will hold a press conference in Florida.  There he will reveal today’s theme.  He may not have decided yet.  Trump does improv.  It could be, for instance, that in the states he didn’t win, he was cheated.  The Texas Republican Party rigged the game.  He didn’t get a fair count.  As a result, he will no longer appear at a debate sponsored by the RNC.   The next debate, in Detroit on Thursday, was simply a place where he would stand next to a pack of the worst liars he’s ever known.  A forum for them to attack me.  I don’t have to put with that crap from these pygmies.

There are other possibilities.  Trump and Ailes may be making a decision right now.  This is a big one, which they’ll actually want to talk about.

Back on the road again today, and heard an interesting theory.  Ailes thinks there’s no way Trump wins the nomination.  He’s done all his political calculating, and he thinks Trump will lose regardless of what happens.  It may  be that Ailes, himself, has enough dirt on him  to wipe him out. In fact, I’m sure he does.  I know enough about Trump to sink him if I could get the word out.  If this is true, I might still have a modicum of respect for Ailes.

I haven’t followed the news today, because of other obligations.  From what I have heard, Trump is the definite favorite in Alaska.   If Cruz wins, and Trump does relatively poorly, my faith in the Alaskan people will be renewed.  If Trump wins, that’s not the Alaska I remember.

I passed on a suggestion to the Cruz campaign.  At tonight’s victory speech, call out the reporter for Fox News by name, and ask him to answer a question.  Why was the story about Trump lying about David Duke not a story?.  …………What’s your explanation for that?………..Why don’t you ask the guy at the top, Rupert Murdoch?

The first signs of spring are showing in the valley.   The bottle brush tree is the first to leaf.  Soon the wildflowers will appear, in waves, as white and yellow and red and purple.  At the very height of this short season the small meadow in the valley is a riot of color.  I’m going to go to see if the first flower is up yet.  My hopes are high.


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