Start spreading the news

The contact Lew Uhler gave me wasn’t with the NRA.  I’ll make another run at them tomorrow.  It was with a reporter in D.C. who I’m somewhat familiar with.  I told him about Trump/Christie being a threat to the Heller decision, and he agreed, but wasn’t interested in that.  He wanted to learn more on the transfer of federal lands issue, and the effect that may have had on the caucus vote.  So I said I’d email him, and then I realized I had to get out of the way on this.  This reporter should be talking directly to Senate Majority Leader John Coghill about it.  So I sent John (who I always want to call Jack) this guy’s phone number and email, and asked him to tell the guy that that’s the story of the 2016 Alaska Presidential caucuses.  Cruz won on this issue.  I think that’s news.  I haven’t watched any news today, so I don’t know what they’re saying about Alaska.  Probably nothing.  None of them have any idea.  And if we do get a story out of it, John, make sure you show it to your dad.

The funny thing is, when I called this guy I thought he was a big wig in the NRA, so I was really pitching the 2nd Amendment thing hard.  He seemed kind of mystified.  He had no interest in it. The call was almost over before I realized this guy isn’t with the NRA.  He’s a reporter.

Progress in Virginia.  There’s still hope.  Guldenschuh is off to West Virginia, where it’s time to show some off his skills.  He got CoS through Georgia, no mean feat.  But he had a falling out with those people, and I reached out to him and brought him into the inner circle of the Task Force.  Let’s see what you’ve got, David.

Idaho’s stalled.  I’ve asked the Cruz campaign to have STC (as they call him) take the BBA issue up while he’s in Idaho.  Fruth came up with some amazing information on the national debt.  Bill knows all this stuff cold, and this is a scandal.  If someone on the Cruz campaign would talk to Bill, I’m convinced they could work it into a speech.  A speech in which he’d call on the Idaho legislature to pass our BBA Resolution, and introduce the subject of the Balanced Budget Amendment into the national campaign.  Not our Article V movement.  Just the BBA. It all looks good to me.

I usually start blogging at 4:00, right after skimming through Special Report on my DVR.  Lately the only thing I’ve been watching is the discussion panel , with Brett Baier and Charles Krauthammer, who I used to like.  But I despise them now.  They’re part of the Rupert Murdoch Roger Ailes cabal plotting to keep the borders open.  Larry Kudlow and Conrad Black are in on it.  R. Emmett Tyrell Jr. may be in on it too.  There are a lot more that I don’t know about. It’s like a political conspiracy, working to undermine the will of the American people.  If they wind up getting us Trump instead, they would have delivered the American Mussolini.  That’s hell of a risk to take.  In 1933 the leaders of the political right took a chance on Hitler, thinking they could control him.  But they couldn’t and the world paid the price.  I really don’t like what these people are doing.

Only one man can expose them  — Ted Cruz.  That’s the speech he should give.  Expose the conspiracy.

I’ll settle down tomorrow.  I’ve had a little stress in my family, which I finally resolved today.  My high hopes for yesterday’s walk were rewarded.  The first shoots of the valley sunflower.  There will be hundreds of them in the meadow.  The small sunflower like bloom is about the size of a plum, a big wildflower, for the meadow.

Spring is not acomin’, it’s here.

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