Congratulations, Ted Cruz

The nomination fight is now over.  Rubio has to leave the race.  There were four states up, and Cruz and Trump split them.  None for Rubio.  He came in third in three, and fourth in one.  Cruz has bested him for the right to deliver the final blow to Trump, and in the process, make himself an American hero.  He’s the next President of the United States.  The rest is mop up.

Damn.  If I could have made that bet, I would have caught the bottom, 66-1.  The guys that made that bet did it purely by chance.

A special congratulation to Rafael Cruz.  As far as I’m concerned, you’re a real American hero.

This is very good news for me.  I’m going to get back to  my business, which is telling the story of Alaska.  One man already tried it, John Strohmeyer, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist hired by Bob Atwood, publisher of the Anchorage Times.  Nobody who knew anything would talk to him, because Atwood and Hickel were allies.  He called me, was very polite, and I left him hanging as gently as I could.  I feel badly about it now.  Actually, I should have spilled the beans, but I didn’t trust him.  He was an East coast journalist and I had no reason to assume his good faith.  He would have had a story to tell.  He sent me a copy of his book, Extreme Conditions in 1993, and was nice enough to inscribe it, “to Fritz Pettyjohn  –Best wishes to a fighter for justice and provocative commentator.”  I looked him up, and he’s passed away.  I would have liked to thank him.  He seemed like a good guy.

I’m going to remember this night for as long as I’ve got left.

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