Double checking

Everybody’s got today figured out.  If Kasich doesn’t at least come in second in Michigan, he’ll have to drop out before the winner take all in Ohio next week.  This makes it a two man race for the right to deliver the death blow to the Great Moron.  Idaho is also an unknown.  Do you remember, exactly, where Idaho is?  Isn’t it the one that’s shaped funny?

I’ll be watching the stock closely the rest of the day til closing at 1:00.  Then, hopefully a nap.  I doubt it will be warm enough to swim laps down at the health club.  Unless something happens, I’ll make the rest of the investment at opening bell tomorrow..  If Idaho comes in really big, my stock should start rising.  When people finally figure out what the hell’s going on, it might even get another pop.

This will be my routine until I’m fully invested.  Half of our money will be in my stock pick.  If we need money, it will come from profits.  The other half will be in four or five stocks in different sectors of the economy.  This will take me a while to do.  This is Babbie’s money I’m working with here, and I’m going to do it right this time.

The computer man is coming late this afternoon to fix my email account and everything else I’ve bolloxed up.  I’ve got something to do until Friday, at the earliest.  My stock has stabilized into a narrow trading range, so I’m just monitoring it now.

All’s well that ends well.

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