No mas

Babbie and I have spent a good amount of time together today.  She and Brendan were worried about me, and they were right to worry.  I was in a manic stage, and I was getting scary.  I’ve put everything in her hands as far as recovering from this couple weeks.  I’ll check the news, but I’m really not that interested.  If Cruz was in Idaho today, and said something, I’ll find out about it soon enough.  Cruz and his campaign are super competent, and don’t need any advice from me.  The guys at the Task Force don’t need my help either.   I’ll keep track of them.  I’m turning the management of Babbie’s mother’s money over to her new stock broker, who I talked to for the first time today.  He’ll come up with the best plan, and I’ll just keep an eye on him.  There’s no problem there.

The best news is that I didn’t come out of this empty handed.  I bought near the bottom, and have enough of a paper profit to take from if we need money.  We will not touch principal, which is a great sin in Babbie’s family.

Not so in mine, but that’s another story.

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