Nurse Babbie to the rescue

My stock watching was interrupted by a visit to the emergency room.  The blood pressure got over 200 and I had to go.  I just couldn’t get my mind to stop racing.  They gave me some Xanex, and it seemed to help.  I’ve never had this stuff, and Babbie told me not to tell her girl friends about it or they’d want some of my stash.  I’m going to take another one tonight so I can get more than five hours sleep.

COP almost hit my stop price of 38.  On the way down I picked up another small buy, and my position is complete.  I thought I might get overnighted at the hospital and miss tomorrow’s opening, so I put one last buy in, a point above the stop order.  I’ll be watching this stock like a hawk from opening bell.  My theory makes perfect sense, like a lot of theories.  So we’ll see.

I’ll see Doctor Reina week after next week and come up with a plan.  I’m looking forward to seeing him, he’s a good guy.  With his name, and appearance, I thought he was East Indian.  Turns out he’s a Cuban, like our next President.

Only in America.

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