The new plan

Somehow the Cruz campaign is going to have to get along without me. My blood pressure is at dangerous levels, and I’m monitoring it closely.  I have a doctor’s appointment to check on this, and Babbie and I will go to Prompt Care  or the emergency room if necessary.  We’ll try to control it until then by modifying my diet to include more carbs, drinking about half as much beer, increasing my dosage of Lisinopril, getting as much rest as possible, and quitting smoking, with the possible exception of one small cigar in the evening.

We were about to take me somewhere last night at 5:00 when I was about to go on my walk, but I told her to let me go down the hill, have a few beers and my cigar, and we’d check.  I was through thinking about politics or any thing else for that matter.

The second number, which Babbie says is the important one, went from 112 at 5:00, to 95 at 6:50, and 78 at 8:00.  We may be able to manage this, if we keep on top of it.  This is now my number one goal.

I have several others, the most important of which is planning a party for Babbie for our 45th wedding anniversary, Nov. 7th, 2016.  Ideally we’ll have it at the Piedmont Country Club, where Babbie spent a lot of time as a kid.  One of her girl friends is still a member, so it’s a possibility.

I’ve told most of them to save the date, and haven’t gone beyond that.  We have lots of time.  The main thing I need is an idea for a present, which has got to be very special.  In addition there will be a special surprise, which will be awesome if I can pull it off.  There’s one person who owes her a special thanks that day, and I’m going to call in a favor.  It’s a big one, but she deserves it.

I’m starting to get all jacked up about this idea, and may have to take a break.  It’s 4:10 and Babbie just came in to check on me.  She says I’m getting all excited again, and should read a book.  So that may be what I do.

But at least I have a plan.


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