The test of the theory.

COP opened up 88 cents, or 2.28%.  Now it’s drifted back.  Could be short covering or  just day traders.

When I got up at two I was 175-86.  When I got done blogging I was 207-98, danger zone, but no symptoms.  My heart is fine, and I’m not feeling dizzy.  I ate a big breakfast, took another  Xanex, and I’m down to 145-77, just fine.  Now I’ve taken Lisinopril, and lay down.

I’m up at 8:30, and I’m at 156-81.  Acceptable.   After dipping into negative territory, COP is again up, right where it was at the open.  It’s withstood some profit taking, it seems to me.  Pretty heavy volume.  So far, so good.  COP is outperforming the market.  Crude is up.  Exxon is up the same percentage as COP, so all this has nothing to do with Idaho or Alaska caucus results.  It seems to me the word has not spread.  COP is not yet a proxy for a Cruz win.

I’m not suffering delusions of grandeur.  I’m following a trade.  I have 519 people who’ve signed up for this blog.  That number bears watching.  If it jumps, the word’s spreading.  What I’m doing is strictly legal.  I’ve never been paid for my work against Hickel and Stevens. (except by Frank Murkowski, the traitor).   I’m not a mercenary.  Babbie has been supporting me by her hard work all these years.  My contribution has been handling her money.

On COP, the battle between bulls and bears rages.

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