The Tundra Rebellion

First Elko, then Alaska, and now the Idaho Panhandle.  What issue won in it for Cruz in each of those places by large margins?  What part of Trump’s ignorance and demagoguery was revealed?

In all the Far West, these just happen to contain the parts that hate the federal government most intensely, just like my Uncle Fritz did.  And for the same reason.  The people in Washington don’t trust the people who live there with their own land, and it pisses them off..  And that was Trump’s attitude.  They recognized it.  He even said it, the moron.

Ruby Ridge was an example of the federal government unleashing all its power against a people’s rebellion against it.  The Sagebrush Rebellion and Cliven Bundy are others.  I haven’t been keeping track of things in Alaska in fifteen years, but I believe there may be another such rebellion underway in Fairbanks.    Anchorage and its suburbs are similar to Vegas.  They are both politically dominating enclaves in the Far West, that both distort the political makeup of the state each of them happen to be located in.   Take Vegas out of Nevada, and Anchorage out of Alaska, and each is a typical state of the Far West.  To some extent, Boise is similar to Anchorage in that regard.  I’m not that familiar with it, but that’s what it looks like to me.

The results from Alaska, properly understood, are the final proof.  A quick read tells me that Trump won the Alaska Native vote overwhelmingly  These are Alaska Native communities, Indian, Aleut and Eskimo, many of them small and remote.  Carson won Bethel and surrounds, which is Yupik.  Trump won in the Inuit, Aleut, and Indian parts of Native Alaska.  The railbelt and Juneau, with small Native populations, went strongly for Cruz.

This proves, conclusively to me, that the Cruz message on land transfers was heard throughout the entire state.  The Alaska Native population does not want the state of Alaska to receive ownership of federal lands.  The political legacy of Ted Stevens has made these once proud and courageous people into wards of the federal government.  And he did it deliberately, because that’ts what they wanted.  They wanted to stay on their ancestral land.  He worked tirelessly,and sometimes corruptly, to do their bidding.

This was the biggest mistake in Alaska history.  The proof is the condition of the Native people of Alaska today  —  a sorry wreck, of a once great people.

Flamboyant lawyer Gerry Spence intervened in Ruby Ridge, and prevented that misjustice from reaching  its climax.  I believe it is my obligation, as an experienced criminal defense attorney, to do just what Gerry Spence did.  I’ll be calling my old friend Tom Pitaro in Vegas to discuss this. When I called Tom to see if he could make a bet on Cruz for me, he said he wanted to have me as co-counsel in Bundy’s defense.  I’ll appear for my Uncle.

The Task Force Troika are responsible for this.  Dave Biddulph tracked down Joseph Semprevivo, and arranged for him to listen to Bill “The Closer” Fruth, who made the sale. Then came the test. Would Ted Cruz see the merits of this?  We weren’t entirely sure, but he did.

I gradually figured out what to do with our latest convert.  I had to sell my idea to Semprevivo, and quickly.  Time was short.  I got his cell, and called early Saturday afternoon, when I thought he might pick up.  I identified myself as a fellow co-founder of the BBA Task Force, so I had some credibility.  I started to talk about the land transfer issue in a way that Semprevivo would appreciate.  It just so happens that New Mexico Economic Development Commissioner Joseph Semprevivo  didn’t need much convincing.  He asked for a backup email, which I was able to put together in an hour, and got it off to him. I may have followed up with another email.

I didn’t hear back until Thursday the 17th, in an email from Semprevivo. Cruz was running with it.   The following Monday, at a rally in Vegas, Trump gave me what I’d been waiting for.  An admission of ignorance.  Cruz had been running ads against him on the issue in Northern Nevada, apparently to some effect.  The Moron excused his earlier opposition to this idea by admitting that, on this issue, he didn’t know what he was talking about.  He tried to cover up this gaffe by threatening to punch a protester in the face.  He then called out the casino owner, and explained he actually did want that $5 million donation he’d been offering, and from now on he wanted to get “money, ,money, money”.  This crazy behavior was designed to distract attention from the dumb thing he’d just said.

The only reference to all this I could find on the internet was  None of the MSM, including Fox News, which is part of it., would expose it.  The fix was in.  Don’t worry about Trump, we can take care of him later.  We’ve got to stop Cruz.  He’s a threat to all of us.

So I managed to get the word out in Alaska because, even after having been gone fifteen years, I still had enough contacts up there to help me get it out.  First of all there is David Cuddy, an altogether admirable man, in every respect.  He did everything I asked him to, immediately, because he could see what I was on to.  So did everyone else involved, starting with Frank Bickford, Tom Fink, Dick Randolph, Michael Chambers, John Coghill and Mike Porcaro.  And a special thanks to the men who actually made me understand all this to begin with.  The men who made Alaska, Dan Cuddy, Judge James Fitzgerald, George Sulivan, Jack Coghill and, yes, my Uncle Fritz.  A Cuddy, a Coghill, and a Pettyjohn, working as a team.  If I could have tracked down one of the Sullivan boys he would have joined  right in.  That was no coincidence.  I am convinced they groomed us all for this.  It’s quite a tale.

In the mean time there’s the real hero, my wife, Babbie.  When it was all over I went into a manic bipolar period.  Full blown. The first in in my life since I was 22 in California. I suffer from a bipolar disorder, as did my Uncle Fritz.. My son Brendan and sister Tony all suffer from this same disease.  Brendan had his latest episode in Denver about six years ago  — full blown.  It took him two years to recover.

This time, I didn’t go over the edge.  Babbie and Brendan knew exactly what was happening.  It was the same thing that happened to Brendan in Denver.  Babbie was terrified.  She’d never seen me like this.

Dave Biddulph helped put it to a stop, as did Bill Fruth.  My son Darren immediately recognized what was going on. So did  I.  I tried to calm down, and pull out of it, but couldn’t.  When I got that Xanex at the hospital I started to calm down.  I’m not quite there yet.   This will take time, and patience.  There is medication now which will allow me to control this.  I’m taking another Xanex in half an hour.

Babbie’s going to pull me through this. She always has.

The market opens in about an hour, so I’ve got to get set up.  Depending on the behavior of COP, people may be waking up to the Tundra Rebellion, as we call it in Alaska.

And don’t worry about me.   I’m now a patient, and I’ve got a pretty good nurse.

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