Easy money

Ted Cruz is now more of a long shot than ever to win the Presidency.  He was 25-1, now he’s 33-1.  Trump’s chance of winning the nomination are now 70%.  The Drudge Poll showed Trump the overwhelming winner of the debate.  Any one who pays the slightest attention to these things is a fool.  The betting markets and the Drudge Poll are being manipulated by an agent of Trump.  He’s gaming the system to make himself  look like a winner.  It’s all B.S.

I had one contact in England that I asked to place a bet, but they have more important things to do.  I have noticed that I get a reader from Europe once in a while.  If anyone reading this blog has a Brit friend that they trust, tell them to, at the least, short Trump.  The best bet is that 33-1 on Cruz.  I think he’s the odds on favorite, and I know what’s going on.

I’d like to get in on the action myself.  The only money I have that really doesn’t belong to Babbie is a few thousand I inherited from my Aunt Mary.  I want to bet it on Cruz.  If you’ve got a lead for me please put it in the comments.  Before I place any bet I’ll check to make sure this is legal for a U.S. citizen to do.  In politics and law, I play by the rules.

The amount of money you need to move the betting markets has got to be pretty small.  I doubt Trump has spent more than a few hundred thousand on this.  Chump change.  But it’s laying in the street, and when the odds begin to move against him maybe we can sucker him into doubling down.  This is Trump money, and I want some of it.

I am a lawyer, after all.  When we do good we always like to do well, at the same time.

It’s the way we think.

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