Kindly Dr. Carson, being duped

What’s kept Carson in the race is a continuing flow of contributions.  He’s got some shysters around him who are making a lot of money.  As long as the money keeps coming, and they get their cut, they’ll do all they can to keep Carson in the race.

Now he’s openly playing his role as the nicer side of Trump.  I don’t question his sincerity  — yet.  I think he’s just naive.  Trump is somehow funneling money to the thieves in Carson’s campaign, and they now work for him.

I suspect this will all be revealed in the end, but for now they’re getting away with it.

Kasich and Rubio must see what’s going on.  One or both needs to pull out and endorse Cruz.

Will either one of these guys man up? For their country?  I hope so, or they’re not the men I thought they were.

Now I just saw political uber-genius Stephen Moore say that he thinks a Trump-Carson ticket would be a real winner.  This guy’s not an idiot, and can’t possibly believe it.

Can he?

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