What it’s like

The Hammond administration rewarded my service to the campaign by redrawing the Anchorage State Senate Districts in a very odd way.  The decennial redistricting power given to the Governor is unlimited.  He can do any damn thing he pleases.  Normally, in Alaska, two House seats are combined to form one State senate seat.  It’s the logical way to do it.  But for some unexplained reason two senators shared the same four House member district.  Since this was a reapportionment year, one senate seat would be for two years, the other for four.  In this entire area of South Anchorage, there was one sitting state representative, disco Ray Metcalfe.  Two senate seats, one House incumbent.  And no other obvious Republican state senate candidate except me.

This was by far the most conservative part of Anchorage, a very conservative town.  I ran unopposed in the Republican primary, and had a scab home builder as my Democratic opponent.  But I was such a terrible politician I damn near lost it.  I didn’t look like a politician, I looked like a bouncer.

I remember sweating out the results at a room Babbie rented at the Captain Cook. I really wasn’t that excited about winning.  I wanted to win, but more than that I was afraid I’d lose.  It was a feeling of dread, of failure.  But I pulled it off, 52-48.  The Anchorage Times ran a story the next day , with a picture of me, my mother and Babbie.

It’s on my wall today.

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