Wherefor art thou, Marco?

I can’t help but like Rubio.  I read his book, and he’s just my kind of guy.  I respect him, I respect his values.  He’s burning with ambition, but the good kind.  He wants to make his family proud of him.  He always talks about his father, at the back of the banquet hall, serving drinks behind his little bar.  We’ve all seen these guys. To think that a son of one of them, a Cuban-American, could become President is just the greatest story ever.  And he can’t let it go.

When I told Babbie that Marco’s wife was a Miami Dolphins cheerleader she decided she didn’t like him that much after all.  She thinks I lust after that hot Latina in Modern Family, and she doesn’t like women like that.

But I think this woman is going to do the right thing  by her man, and tell him he’s done all he could.  All any man could.

Go out with honor.

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