Take me home, country roads

Delegate John Overington has spent 30 years of his life in the Republican Minority of the West Virginia House of Delegates.  Trust me, this is tough duty.  He hung in there because he was bound and determined to make his state one of the 34 needed for a BBA Convention.  Their state motto is “montani semper liberi”  — A Mountaineer is Always Free.  Today it all payed off, and the Task Force has 28.  How sweet it is.  David Guldenschuh must have helped a lot, I’ll wager.  This feels really good.  I have to mention Senate President Bill Cole, West Virginia’s next Governor.  This man has the skills to turn that state around.  God bless him.

And then there’s the results today from the Wyoming Republican County Conventions.  Cruz 68%, Rubio 27%, Trump 5%.  Cruz picks up all 29 delegates.  Somebody might even pay attention.  I bet Marco Rubio does.

Marco’s hanging in there until after Florida, and I can’t say I blame him.  But win or lose he knows his race has run.  His endorsement of Cruz will be heartfelt.  I still haven’t figured out who would be a better VP pick for Cruz.

We finally got a computer guy to come out and make all this stuff work.  That will be a relief.  I’d like to take a stroll through the woods right now.  The deer are really getting tame.   The other night I must have come within ten yards of one, and she didn’t even flinch.

I like this part of the country.

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