This is not the Weimar Republic

The Trump riot in Chicago may have brought everyone to their senses.  Rubio will try for as close a loss in Florida as he can manage.  Kasich has to win Ohio.  Missouri and North Carolina may or may not come around, but Cruz will try for as many delegates as he can, especially in Illinois.   Even if Trump wins it, what really matters now are delegates, and if Trump only wins a few more than Cruz in Illinois, there’s not a problem.

A week from Tuesday is March 22nd.  Arizona has 58 delegates, and Trump will be lucky if he gets one.  The rest go to Cruz.  Utah is up with 40 delegates.  Cruz gets them all, and the party’s over.

The Davos Conspiracy against the Constitution, and the American people, will have been defeated.  Everyone who is playing a role can be proud of themselves.  This is what the Founders would have expected of us.

I’ve got a lot to write about.

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