Oh happy day!

Babbie forced me to watch the premiere of “Little Big Shots”, starring Steve Harvey on NBC.  To me, it was inspirational.  I loved that show.  I’m watching it live every Sunday night.  NBC has a new franchise, and it’s a money machine, with very low production costs.  Whoever is responsible is going to make a ton of money, and they’ve earned it. Steve Harvey is a normal guy, a normal American black man, and he’s very talented.  Culturally, we have to take this country back, and he’s a leader.

The show closed with some gospel music, which I’ve loved since I was a kid.

At some point I’d like to meet Lew Uhler and his wife for dinner in Sacramento.  Babbie would love to meet her. We’d all have a .lot to talk about.

It’s something to work on.

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