The day that the rains came

A new leader has emerged in Germany, the heart of Europe.  Boner Merkel has gone so far to the Davos side that she’s going to lose power to a German nationalist, Frauke Petry.  Petry is the leader of the AfD  –an Alternative for Deutschland.  You’ll notice it isn’t Deutschland Uber Alles.  That was a different, sick and demented form of German nationalism.  It exists today principally in the minds of some Jewish-American movie moguls.  These guys will never forget the Holocaust, and the German Nazis who perpetrated it.  I understand, but it’s time to move on.

Germany is physically and spiritually the heart of Europe.  Great Britain is a German, or Anglo-Saxon, colony.  America is a colony of Great Britain, in the same sense.  The American Founders were British, and identified themselves as such.  Jefferson understood all this, which is why he wanted the Anglo-Saxon founders of Great Britain acknowledged on the Seal of the United States.

If Europe is to have a future, Germany must be the leader.  No one else qualifies.  The future of Europe begins with the gradual dissolution of the hated European Union.  Once this project is gone, Europe can get back to normal.  Normal in the sense that it was before the First World War, when Europe was at its finest.

I don’t pay much attention to European politics.  It seemed to me that Europe was in a death spiral.  It looks like maybe I was wrong.  This is very good news, for everybody.  We have a huge amount of trade with Europe.  It still has a lot to offer.  German engineers, are, as a whole, the finest in the world.  When you think of engineering, you think of Germany.  We’re not in a zero sum game.  What’s good for one is good for all.

Sometimes international politics moves in synch.  The best example is the rise of Margaret Thatcher, followed one year later by Ronald Reagan.  The catalyst was Karol Wotyjwa , the :Polish :Pope., and a saint.  He was elevated to the papacy in the 70’s.  Working together, John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher won the Cold War.

Let’s hope Frau Petry, Ted Cruz and the other new national leaders emerging across the world, including India, can stamp out the snake of the Davos conspiracy against nationalism.

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