Apology due

Republican Party Chair Peter Goldman told me this morning that the three  Alaska delegates Rubio had won were being taken away from him because he had quit his campaign.  But he did not quit, so those delegates still belonged to him.  I couldn’t understand what was going on.  Why would anyone do something so stupid?

So I got all riled up and started trying to raise hell in the Party, and then I called Vice Chairman Frank McQueary, an old friend.  Rubio was losing his three delegates not because he had quit, but because a recount resulted in him falling below the 13% threshold needed to have any delegates at all.

Peter Goldman is the only retired Lieutenant Colonel I know of who is both Jewish and a Mormon.  Perhaps that’s why we had trouble communicating.  I understand he’s not a bad guy.

What impressed me about the Cruz campaign is the venue they chose to deliver the federal lands issue in Idaho — Couer d’Alene.  Surrounded, virtually, by the Idaho Panhandle National Forests.  I knew right then and there that they’d thought the whole thing through.  They got it.

There are a number of such venues available around Flagstaff.  Arizona is beautiful country.  Actually, in every state in the Far West they’re available, even in California.  Where I live, next to the Stanislaus National Forest, we all hate the Forest Service.

And outside Phoenix, Arizona is part of the Far West.  I’ll bet they’d love this message in Prescott.

Full spring now, wildflowers on the way.

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