The west is the best

The farther west you go, the weaker Trump gets.  He lost Minnesota to Rubio.  He lost Iowa to Cruz, and beat him by a whisker in Missouri.  Every western state, has, or will, reject him.  From North Dakota south to Texas, and all points west, he won’t win one state.

That includes Washington, Oregon, and California.  They’re a lot different than the true Far West, but they are sufficiently similar  to prevent a loud mouthed Manhattan pretend tough guy from winning any of them.

When I see video of Trump and Christie together, strutting around like they’re complete bad asses, it completely turns me off.  They have no appeal, they repel.  It’s their attitude.  This East Coast tough guy image does not work in the West.

The West will deny Trump the nomination.  Watch Utah and Arizona next Tuesday.  They will be a sign of what awaits the Moron west of the Mississippi.

He’s going to get his butt kicked.

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