Rocky Mountain High, in Colorado

From what I know of the North Dakota Republican Party, which isn’t a whole lot, when it meets in Convention on Friday, April 1st, to elect its 28 delegates to Cleveland, none of them will be for Trump.  The media may not understand this, because this delegation is required to be uncommitted.  This gives them the power to bargain on behalf of North Dakota.  It’s the smart way to go.  Senate Majority Caucus Leader David Hogue will probably be leading his like minded colleagues in favor of Cruz.  At this point, where else can they go?  The attendees at North Dakota Republican Party State Conventions are not Trump types.  They’re “establishment conservatives”, accent on conservative.

If Cruz is able to pull out a win in AZ on March 22nd, to go along with the Utah blow out, he’ll have two in a row.  More pressure on Kasich.  Properly understood, North Dakota will make it three in a row.

Wisconsin is the next, winner take all, and Trump  polls poorly there.  I can understand that.  He’s not a Wisconsin kind of guy  — they’re nice, almost as nice as Iowa.  They’re definitely not the kind the Moron appeals to.  The latest Marquette poll shows the Moron at his peak in WI  with 30%.  Rubio had 20, Cruz 19, Kasich and Carson 8 apiece.  These numbers look very promising, even assuming Kasich is still on his Mission Impossible.  Gov. Walker has got to come through for us here.  He knows only Cruz can stop the Moron.  I’m betting he pulls out all the stops for Cruz.  Anything less would be irresponsible, and that’s not Scott Walker.  That would mean four in a row.

Colorado is the only other state besides North Dakota that told the RNC to stuff it, and they’re not having any preference polls either.  Colorado’s 37 delegates will be chosen by the delegates at the Friday, April 8th, State Convention.  Senate Majority Whip Kevin Lundberg is leading the Cruz forces, and is the kind of guy who knows what he’s doing.  I do not expect Trump to get one delegate from Colorado.  If the media can be made to realize it, that’s five in a row for Cruz.

Trump may do well in New York’s proportional primary on April 19th, but Cruz should win a good number of delegates upstate.

Next up is April 26th, in CT, DE, MD, PA and RI.    Six weeks will have gone by, and Kasich will have absolutely nothing to show for himself.  At that point he has to pull out.  His vanity  be damned.  One on one, Cruz can beat Trump anywhere.  A win in PA would be all he really needed,  but by then the Moron’s antics will probably have escalated, to the point where no reasonable person could vote for him.

That’s how Cruz gets to 1237.  Trump only has a shot if Kasich stays in it.  And Kasich will only make a fool of himself for so long.

For some reason I taped the Kelly File on Fox News.  I don’t like Brett Baier any more.  He’s a weasel.  They gave Cruz a fifteen minute infomercial on prime time.  Murdoch and Ailes are scrambling to regain some credibility.  They were so in the tank for Rubio that they almost let Trump get out of hand. But they’re on him now, and they can do him some damage.  They want their newest star, Megyn Kelly, to look like a heroine.  She’ll be going at the Moron, I expect.

So Cruz does have a path.  Trump is relying on Kasich.  That’s all he’s got.

So the real question is, what kind of a man is John Kasich?

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