Trump, clues, and Cruz

Cruz will be in the strongly conservative areas just outside Phoenix today, Sun City, Tempe and Mesa.  Andy Biggs might even join him in Mesa.  No word on tomorrow.  I’m betting on Flagstaff, or some place similar.

Nothing on Trump’s schedule.  He’s got to come to AZ tomorrow.  His mega-rallies take time to set up, so maybe one tomorrow or Saturday in Phoenix.

Cruz will be talking about issues that are important to Arizona, and to conservatives.  Trump will put on a spectacle.  He seems like he’s trying to top himself, to keep his momentum going.  His comments about riots in the streets did not help him.  Even some of the cultists may think that’s over the top.

Cruz has got five days to close a twelve point gap.  But I think that Undecided pool is the key, and I’m betting they don’t go to the Moron.  The Cruz campaign continues to impress.  I’d give even money they pull it off.


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