Money, that’s what I want

Now that I’m back to following the market, more closely than I ever have before, I found it’s an interesting way to spend the day.   I’ve got half of Babbie’s money in one stock, normally a no no.  But I watch that stock like a hawk from opening bell. I’ve got a very nice paper profit, and I’m not going to lose it.

I’m expecting a big surprise from the Cruz campaign tomorrow.  The ideal spot is in Utah, near the Arizona border.  This where President Billy Jeff announced that a huge portion of southern Utah would no longer  be available for any sort of resource development.   Wherever he appears  tomorrow, I expect a surprise guest.

I, of course, know nothing.  When I have something that I think will be useful, I tell Joseph Semprevivo about it, and usually he asks me to go ahead and do it.  It works out fine for both of us.  A campaign needs to operate on a need to know basis, and there’s no need for me to know anything.  I just speculate.   Maybe I should call this blog the American Speculator.

But I add Rubio’s delegates to Cruz, and he’s about 100 short of the Moron.  Wins in both Utah and Arizona tomorrow would get him 98.  Who’s the front runner now?  Who’s got the Big Mo?

I watch Fox Business on mute, and all day they’ve got people coming on and saying it’s over, Ttump’s won, get used to it.  I saw Ben Stein, of all people, spouting this nonsense.  Since when did Ben Stein know anything about politics?  Why not ask Madonna?

And then there’s these experts, the pros.  I don’t even like to look at them when they’re on mute.  Idiots, by and large.

I had a nice talk with the incoming chairman of the RPA, my old friend Tuckerman Babcock.  This is a very bright guy.  He’s happily remarried, and living the good life.  I hired his first wife to be my secretary in Juneau.  Anne Williams, my normal secretary, must have set it up for me.  She had a little boy, about eighteen moths, that she brought to work with her every day.  So we had a combo office/nursery.  I didn’t ask a lot of my secretaries.  Answer the phone and type, that was about it.  I didn’t encourage people to come to my office, either.  And if having this kid around bothered them, oh well.

I think Tuckerman would come by to pick them up after work.  The thing is, this little boy didn’t like me.  I remember one time he tried to poke me in the groin.

I liked that kid.  He was protecting his mother, a very sweet young woman..


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