The vernal equinox

By my 71st birthday, the day before the autumnal equinox, we’ll have enjoyed six months of more sun than dark.  This is the beginning of the active part of the year in the northern climes.  In Alaska, at the Far North, everything’s extreme.  Three months from now the sun barely sets, if at all.  And six months after that it comes up briefly, if at all.  It depends on how Far North you are.

Alaska, like most of the Far West, is man’s country.   Alaska’s just an extreme form of it.  If a guy can make it in Wyoming, he can make it in Alaska.  Everybody’s seen the TV shows.  That’s all real.  Even some of the people are real, like John Schaible of Haines, I believe.  He was featured on one of the Gold Rush shows.  He just died at 94.  A real Alaskan.  My friend Robin Taylor knew him.

The attractions of Alaska are all outdoors, and in many cases remote.  To actually go see them is kind of an adventure.  The kind of thing guys like to do.

So how do you get women to move up there?  It’s an age old problem, and has been for the entire history of the Far West.  Why do you think Wyoming was the first state to adopt female suffrage?  Women are generally treated well in this part of the country.  We want them to stay. And we don’t like men who disrespect them.

Does that bring anyone to mind?

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