Constantin Querard and Arizona

Cruz lost Missouri by .2%, about 1700 votes.  Rubio got 57,000 votes in Missouri, and the large majority of these would have gone to Cruz, had Marco not been in the race.  Cruz had top notch people running his Missouri operation, but came up just short.

In Arizona he’s got Constantin Querard running the show, and this guy knows the Republican politics of that state like the back of his hand.  If anybody can do this, this is the guy.   And Rubio’s people are organizing for Cruz.  Add the Far West culture of old Arizona, and a good dose of Mormons, and things should be O.K.

And then there’s Roger Ailes and Fox News.  They shipped Hannity out to Phoenix for an hour long  Cruz campaign special edition last night.  It was like a donation of an hour of Fox News on prime time Sunday night.  Expect more of the same today, with Rush, Hannity and Levin all beating the same drum.  People listen to these guys.

This is all on paper.  On the ground, you’d have to be there.

I’ve got to believe that Trump comes out a loser in the AIPAC appearances today.  These are smart people.  They recruited me, through Anchorage Rep. Max Gruenberg, when I was House Minority Leader.  I met them with Max in a hotel dining room in Anchorage.  Very savvy guys.  And they can’t see through Trump?

Get outta here.

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