The Golden State

Where I was born, raised, educated, met and married my wife.  I left two weeks after I finished law school at UCLA, and was gone for 27 years.  When all my scheming in Alaska  failed to allow me to even have a run at a U. S. Senate seat, I knew Babbie wanted to go home to California, and there was no real reason for me to stay.

So I’ve lived in a very nice part of the Sierra foothills for the last fifteen years, mainly watching baseball.  That changed in October of 2013, and I’ve been back at politics ever since.  I’ve submitted my name, as Lew Uhler did his, to the Cruz campaign to be a delegate from CA-4, perhaps the most politically conservative district in the state.  Our Congressman, Tom McClintock, is a hard core conservative, and a Cruz supporter.  Lew Uhler hired him to work for him for a while before he was ever elected.

I asked Joseph Semprevivo to put in a word for us, and he said he would.  I asked him again today, and he indicated it was in the works.  I want to know for sure so I can start making plans.  I wanted Babbie to go, but she’s not interested.  I don’t blame her.  I  might be in some meetings, and what the hell do you do in Cleveland?

This will be the most exciting Convention since 1952, when the moderate Eisenhower stole the nomination (it was stolen on his behalf) from a great American conservative, and a hero of mine, Senator Robert Taft of Ohio.  He was responsible for the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, overriding Truman’s veto with southern Democrats.  These labor reforms saved the American economy.  Without it, we were headed down the same path as socialist Britain, a road to economic ruin.  Robert Taft saved the American economy, and was a man of honor and principle.

Now it’s 2016, we have another Taft, except a lot smarter, and from Texas. And he’s an Hispanic!  Whatever the hell that means.   He’s opposed by the Moron, who, in perhaps the finest moment of his life, Roger Ailes is going to destroy, utterly and completely.

If this works out Babbie can join me in Cincinnati, and we’ll head east across southern Ohio.  This is where my direct ancestor, John Pettyjohn III, a Revolutionary War veteran, settled and raised his family after the war.  He had a son, a grandson, and a great grandson, all in the same line, with the name Thomas, for Thomas Jefferson.  I’m descended from Thomas III.  He was my great grandfather’s grandfather.  Maybe there’s some local record of him.  I know the town it was near.

During my down time in California I dug around on the internet and came up with the whole story of the Pettyjohn family.  Somebody went to a lot of time, or spent a lot of money doing it.  Very professional.

So I’m hoping I can go.  And if I’m on the ballot as a Cruz delegate, I’ll finally win an election in California.  One for one.


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