You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes

Lisa Murkowski, and her father, Frank, began her career in the United States Senate with a lie.  And everyone knew it was a lie.  But they didn’t care.  Ted Stevens was all in on it, and the Native Corporations, and everyone in the Stevens money circle, and they were going to pull it off.  They had enough power and money to shove it down the throats of the Alaskan people, and they did.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but Murkowski was a Hickel man all along, having served in his cabinet.  It was a typical Hickel/Stevens move.  Contempt for the truth was always part of their philosophy.

After he was elected Governor in 2002, Frank interviewed a number of people who wanted the appointment to serve the remainder of his Senate term.  I was not one of them.  When Lisa filed for reelection to the State House in 2000, I figured out their plan, and left the state.  But my friend Rick Halford was naive enough to go for an interview.  Rick was the smartest guy in Alaska politics, an American patriot, and would have made not a good, but a great United States Senator.  Johne Binkley was interviewed as well, the snake, and quite a few other logical candidates.

Well, Frank and Nancy gave it a lot of thought, and they jointly announced that, by gosh, the most qualified person to take Frank’s place was his half witted daughter, Lisa.  She’d served two terms in the Alaska House, and at least she had not embarrassed herself, which, given Lisa’s limited intelligence, was quite an accomplishment.  I was in California at the time, but saw a picture from the announcement.  Nancy was in the background, with the most arrogant, condescending look on her face I’ve ever seen.  She looked to me like a Mafioso’s wife, proud of the fast one they just pulled off.

Before I left Alaska I thought about running against Lisa in 2004, when Frank’s term expired, and she’d be up.  I would have been a 59 year old former legislator and radio talk show host with no money.  I decided I didn’t want to be a U.S. Senator that badly after all.   The Cold War was long over, and the scoundrel Clinton was no longer in the White House.  And I knew Babbie had about had it with me and politics, and I couldn’t blame her.  So my friend Mike Miller from North Pole ran against her in the 2004 primary, and got crushed.

Meanwhile the old man made such a fool of himself as Governor that he came in third in the Republican primary in 2006  — Palin 51, Binkley 30, Incumbent Gov. Murkowski, 19.  You have to look far and wide in the history of American politics to find such total repudiation.

Somehow Lisa snaked through to reelection in 2010, against a gadfly neophyte named Joe Miller.  So here we are, in late March of 2016, and only two months remain before the filing deadline.  It’s not too late to put on a winning campaign against Lisa.  Two and a half months is plenty of time.  Since I’ve suspended working for the Cruz campaign (as if they need me) I’ve got plenty of time to put in on this myself. It’s kind of a pet project, a  bucket list kind of thing.  If there was some money, I’d even camp out in Anchorage for the summer.  I hear the weather’s good then.

I’ll figure out a way to get to the Club for Growth, and other national outfits that help fund this kind of thing.  It will take some serious money, but not by national standards.  You can get a lot of bang for your buck in Alaska.

So all I need is a candidate.  I have someone in mind, but I’d like to do a sort of poll of whoever reads this blog in Alaska.  Who do you think should run against Lisa?

Email your candidate, and your thoughts on all this, to

I’d like to identify a candidate in the next week or two.  If I was still up there I’d run myself, make a deal with the Governor about my replacement, and resign the day after I was sworn in.  That way I could say I was a United States Senator, and not have to actually be one.

Can you imagine being in the same room with Patrick Leahy, and Barbara Boxer, and on and on, and having to be  civil to them.  Barbara Mikulski?  Chuck Schumer?  I’d want to strangle the bastards.

It was really best for all concerned that I never served in the Senate, after all.

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