The real Alaska

Anchorage is a beautiful place, but the best thing about it is that it’s surrounded by the real Alaska.  There are over a quarter of a million people in Anchorage, living a comfortable lifestyle comparable to small northern cities anywhere in the country.  That’s not Alaska.

Alaska, at its purest, is interior Alaska, centered in Fairbanks, just below the Arctic Circle.   You’ve got to be hard core to live in Fairbanks.  I wouldn’t do it.

But it looks as though I’ll be heading up to Fairbanks at the end of the month to observe the Republican Party of Alaska’s State Convention.  Tuckerman Babcock, who I’ve known since he was a kid, is running for Party Chair, and favored.  If he is elected, he and I can do some damage together.  Tuckerman is one of the brighter political minds I’ve run across anywhere.   It will be a pleasure working with him.  He has eight kids with his second wife, a State Farm agent, and obviously one hell of a woman.  I’m looking forward to meeting her.

It should be about 60 degrees in Fairbanks when I get there, with over 21 hours of sun.  The whole place is a mind attack.  People who live there are just different.  I’ve spent very little time there, and very little time in the Interior.  The only way to really see it is in a light plane, and I never had the urge to fly.  I’m jealous of those who have.

I spent 27 years in Alaska, and have been just about all over the state, from Ketchikan to Barrow.  But I only saw a small part of the real Alaska.  That’s on my bucket list.

Right now it looks as though we’re going to a contested Convention.  That could change, though.  Trump’s not getting to 1237, and he knows it.  I read that he’s got people going around, trying to drum up support from individual Rubio delegates.  He’s going to be sorely disappointed.  The kind of people Rubio selected to be his delegates are the kind of people who can’t stand Trump.

When this becomes clear to the Moron he can either go to Cleveland, put on some kind of spectacle, crash, and burn.  Or he can say to hell with it, they’ve rigged the Convention, and walk out.  His choice.

I guess they’ll be a lot of security, after Brussels.  If I’ve got any free time I’d like to look around Cleveland, birthplace of the Rockefeller fortune.  America’s original oil fields, in western Pennsylvania, shipped their crude to Cleveland, where it was refined or transported elsewhere around the country.  Young John D. happened to be in the right place, at just the right time.

He saw his opportunity, and he took it.  He created the American oil industry, one of the most fabulous success stories in American history.  I doubt his name is mentioned  much on many college campuses, except in contempt.

When you think about it, a lot of the problems we have in this country are a result of ignorance.  On the other hand, if you want to win money playing poker, don’t play guys that are really good.  Play everyone else.  That’s where the easy money is.

It’s sort of like that in politics.  At least in my experience.


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