California, here I come

Cruz will have six states in May, by my count.  Indiana on the 3rd, Nebraska and West Virginia on the 10th, Kentucky and Oregon  on the 17th, and Washington on the 24th.   Two weeks later, on June 7th, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota  — along with the big one, California and 172 delegates.

Based on the voting so far, and my understanding of the politics of each of these states, I’ll predict overwhelming wins for Cruz in Nebraska, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota.  Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia are economically depressed, due in part to the Democrats’ War on Coal  — a real war, not a phony one.  Immigration isn’t as much of an issue because illegals don’t go to these places.  Environmental fascism from the federal government is the problem.  Cruz can address these concerns much more knowledgeably than the Moron, but that may not matter. I can’t really read these states, or Joisey for that matter. I’ve never been to Joisey, and based on its current political leadership, I have no interest in going.

I know the west coast, my native California in particular.  This is not Trump country, and let’s leave it at that.  I could go on, but it would be tedious.  A lot of people are into mellow in this part of America, and a guy like Trump seems like he’s from a different planet.

What’s new in California is Barbara Boxer’s replacement, a ten term Democrat from Orange County named Loretta Sanchez, a Blue Dog Democrat, and a hell of a woman.  I like Loretta.  She’ll crush the ultraliberal AG, Kamala Harris, a Willie Brown protege, and a black version of Boxer.

The primary is on June 7th, and no Republican of consequence has filed, so our jungle primary will put two Democrats on the general election ballot.  Guess who all the Republicans will vote for?  And you don’t think Loretta knows that?  This is a savvy politician, and I think she can be a Senator as long as she likes. And she’s reasonable. She comes from a hard working family of proud Mexican Americans in Anaheim, and led a normal southern California life.  When she first ran for office in 1994 it was as a Republican.  She switched parties to run against, and beat, Crazy Bob Dornan, an likable but essentially unstable ultraconservative.

Loretta will be second Blue Dog in the Senate, to go with Joe Manchin.  At least you can talk to these people.  Boxer gone, Sanchez in  — for California, that’s real progress.

That’s the future of politics in California.  Hispanics and Republicans, working together.  In one of those only in America stories, two adjoining Central Valley Congressional districts, both overwhelmingly Hispanic, are represented by the sons of Portuguese dairy farmers from the Azores  — Valadao and Nunes.  Both good guys.  And Republicans.

Vaya con Dios, baby.  It’s the California way.

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