Intelligence reigns

And stupidity sucks.  The evidence mounts that the Donald is stuck on stupid, and Cruz knows how the game is played.

This gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction.  After one minor slip up in Iowa, the Cruz campaign has never disappointed.  I can’t really second guess anything they’ve done.  The candidate himself has been almost as good.  He’s not a machine.  He gets tired, and I’m sure he gets pissed off as well.  But he hasn’t skipped a beat.  I’m only an outside volunteer, so I can only give an outsider’s view.  It’s damned impressive to me.

The latest move, sending Cruz to the North Dakota and Colorado State Conventions, is a very smart one.  He’ll get 28 out of 28 in ND, and 37 out of 37 in CO.  The ND guys are pledged to go “uncommitted”.  That doesn’t mean they won’t have an opinion.

In between is Wisconsin, where everything seems to be going right.  Scott Walker would make a smart VP pick.  You’ll get Rubio’s help in Florida, and Kasich’s in Ohio, without having to put them on the ticket.  Walker could get you Wisconsin, and you are on your way to 270.

On March 16th is Wyoming, which Cruz will win whether he goes or not.  So over the course of one month, from March 16th to April 16th, Cruz will have a record of splitting Arizona and Utah with Trump, and then winning four in a row  — North Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Wyoming.  That’s a nice streak.  Who’s got the hot hand heading to New York?  And who looks like a loser?

The really strange thing to me, being where I’m from, is what do they see in this guy in New York?  They actually like this guy?  My God, you’d think the more you were exposed to this ignorant lout the more you’d despise him.  It’s a very diverse country, but I feel like I’ve got more in common with a black sharecropper in Alabama than I do with people in Manhattan.

The Moron continues to whine about Louisiana.  Wait until he finds out how Pennsylvania works.  This nitwit seems to think that state Republican Parties are some how required to give him the percentage of delegates he thinks he’s “earned” in these states.  But that’s not how it’s ever worked, and that’s not going to change.  In a way, it won’t be all bad if the fool goes third party.  He’ll just continue to  make Cruz look normal by comparison.

I was in on a FOSSIL meeting today, put together by my old friend Rep. Mike Szymanski, Democrat, South Anchorage.  There must have been twenty former legislators present in Anchorage, and another dozen on the phone, as I was.  Boy, do these guys like to talk.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Alaska’s budget crisis, and what to do about it.  When my turn came I told them to hold off making any crisis driven moves, because when Ted Cruz is elected he’s promised to transfer the federal lands to the states, and most of their problems would be solved.

They kept on talking about taxing this and taxing that and I’d had enough.  I’d heard my old buddy Rick Halford’s voice earlier, and I wanted him to call me.  I’ve left him messages, but he hasn’t called back.  So I said I had to leave, but asked Rick to write down my phone number and call me.  Then I said, “As Joe Biden would say, I’ve got three words for you  — economic development.”

I heard one old guy say, “That’s only two words!”

Rick’s voice sounded strong.  He’s had some issues, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to talk about it.  We never talked about personal things, too much.  I don’t want to inquire about his health.  I want to pick his brain.  I want Rick to do a little scheming with me.  I think we both have something to offer each other, and all I need from him is some counsel.  It’s better not to do things completely alone.

What I really need is an active partner in crime in Anchorage, and I may have stumbled across him today.

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