Treat ’em like a lady

That’s the way I was brought up.  That’s not the Donald’s way. “Treat them like s—” is what Trump has publicly advocated.

Hat’s off to Chris Mathews for pinning the Moron down on abortion.  It all started with his attack on Heidi Cruz.  That was the tipping point we’ve all been waiting for.  Since then it just gets worse and worse.  The media has been very easy on Trump.  Chris Mathews put an end to that.  It’s all down hill from here for this cowardly buffoon.

The Marquette Poll, giving Cruz a ten point lead, was taken before Gov. Walker’s endorsement.  The two of them will be campaigning together on Monday.  It really shouldn’t  be that close.

After Wisconsin, and even before, the new story line which will emerge is the Collapse of Donald Trump.  It’s going to get great ratings, and it’s going to keep up as long as he’s in the race.  His lead looks insurmountable in New York, so he’ll probably survive to fight in Pennsylvania on April 26th.  Here’s a little inside dope from the Keystone State: regardless of the outcome of the presidential preference poll, well over 2/3 of the Pennsylvania delegates will be backing Cruz.  Sorry, Donald, them’s the rules.  I don’t know anything about CT, RI and MD, but Delaware looks interesting on the same day.

I was relieved yesterday by the continuing excellence of the Cruz campaign.  Today I can start to see the air coming out of Trump’s balloon.  Thank you, Chris Mathews.  Your admission that Obama made your leg tingle is forgiven.  You’re a stand up guy. Sort of.

I may not make it to Cleveland.  CA-4 is Tom McClintock’s district, and he doesn’t know me.  He knows Lew Uhler  — he used to work for Lew.  But since he’s a strong Cruz supporter I imagine he has some say in who the delegates are from his district, and he’s got somebody else in mind.  I called Lew and asked him to put a good word in for me with McClintock, and emailed Ron Nehring, the Cruz California Chair, who I don’t know.  So we’ll see.

The only time I saw McClintock was at a Republican luncheon in Angel’s Camp, about fifteen miles from where I live.  When Babbie was a young woman she and some of her friends went there and entered a frog in the annual Frog Jumping Contest.

This was right before the government shutdown in October of 2013, and I went there to ask him a question, which I did.  “Does the Congress still have the power of the purse?”  To his credit, he stepped right up and said it sure as hell did, and I believe he stood with Cruz in the whole fight.  So he and I see eye to eye.

Two years ago I decided to be a Democrat for a while, so I could run and draw votes away from any liberal Republican that took Tom on in our jungle primary.  I told a few people about it, and maybe some people didn’t understand what I was up to.

One of my best buddies in Alaska was Bill Choquette.  I got along with his three brothers too, and his dad.  They made me an honorary Choquette, which I really liked.  These were all my kind of guys.  Bill taught me how to hunt, and gut a moose.

I ran unopposed in 1986, and hoped for the same in 1988.  It was a good Republican district.  I almost didn’t run.  I’d done six years, and it was a serious strain on Babbie.  I was really asking too much.  But somehow I convinced myself that the Republicans would get in the majority, and I could be Speaker for two years, and I’d be all set to run for the U.S. Senate.  So I ran.  Just one last time.

And then Crazy Dave Choquette, my honorary brother, switches his party registration from Democrat to Republican, and primaries me.  No Democrat files, so we’re the only two names on the ballot.  All the Democrats hated me, and there were Hickel and Stevens Republicans who couldn’t stand me either.

So much for brotherhood.

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