Everything’s going my way

I watch “With All Due Respect” on MSNBC.  Halperin and Heileman  wrote “Double Down” the definitive history of the 2012 campaign.  They get access, and try not to let their personal liberalism interfere with their reporting and analysis.  Some of the stuff they have on is interesting.  I have some respect for these guys.

They smell Trump’s blood in the water, just like I do.  Judge Napolitano, on Fox, feels the same way.  You can sense it.  This isn’t wishful thinking.  Abortion, and the general attitude a man has toward women, are very big deals.  The Moron has the misogynist vote sewed up.  I just don’t think that there are too many of them.

The thing is, Trump is a bullshit artist, a con man.  He thinks he’s really, really smart, and can handle things on the fly.  He doesn’t need to read a lot, or even think a lot.  He just needs to be quick on his feet, follow his instincts, and bullshit his way through the entire  campaign.  It’s amazing, when you think about it, is that he’s gotten this far.  This has got to  be the Greatest Bullshit Artist in American history.

And Ted Cruz gets to be the man who takes him down.  That’s a demonstration of political leadership, and skill, rarely seen in American politics.  It’s a sign of what his Presidency will be.

All that remains is execution.  The path is clear.  Cruz is superbly organized in California.  He has an issue, which the Moron probably doesn’t even know about, which will win him 2/3 of the state.  I’m sure his California team is well aware of this issue, and it’s a good one.   I happen to have some ideas about how to exploit it.

Back in Alaska, and my little project plugs along.  No hurry.  I’m not going to get all worked up about it.  But I see it happening.  Again, the path is clear.  All that remains is execution.  I just can’t try to do too much of that myself.

I had the politics of the 2016 Presidential election all wrong.  I never thought Trump could get this far.  To me, it proves that there are a whole hell of a lot of really pissed off people in this country, and I’m just as pissed off as they are.  What they’ll eventually learn is that Cruz is just as pissed off as all of us are.

And Monday is opening day.  Is that a coincidence, or what?

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